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Haunting Song

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I watched this and was captivated by Francesca Jones (and her outfit). I put it here to remind me.

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A few years ago I was somewhere that had cable and this fellow came on the air. Definitely a hoot! Also, he gave a shout out to Hannibal and didn’t even know it.

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My first fanart of Le Chiffre.

I want to loudly shout out to the world that I’m a slim-fit suit fetish…..
(I think everybody already knew….)

Mm-mmm This is an excellent pic

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ok but look here if everyone in the world died hannibal still wouldnt be the chesapeake ripper


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Climbing Huashan (华山), China’s Most Heart-stopping Hike

For more photos from the hike to the top, explore the 华山 Mount Huashan location page and browse the #huashan and #华山 hashtags.

In China’s Shaanxi province, 120 kilometers (75 miles) west of Xi’an, the peaks of Mount Hua, or Huashan (华山), pierce the clouds, tempting adventurers to explore their heights.

The westernmost of China’s legendary Five Great Mountains, Huashan has stood as a destination for Daoist and Buddhist pilgramage for centuries—though the inaccessability of its peaks attracts only the most dedicated of pilgrims.

The southern peak reaches the highest altitude at 2,155 meters (7,070 feet), igniting the imaginations of thrill-seeking travellers. Home to an ancient monastery that in recent years has been converted into a tea house, the trail to the peak is one of the most dangerous in the world. Those brave enough to make the climb face steep and winding staircases carved into the cliffs and Huashan’s notorious plank road: a series of wooden planks affixed to the mountain’s face with no rails or barracades between hikers and the abyss below.

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The Thurifer, Owler, The Palace Guard, The Archer, & Gwyn | Graphite on Moleskine, 12” x 16 1/2”, 2013.

A collection of various ladyknights and wanderers I’ve drawn.

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